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History of Springfield Missionary Baptist Church

For more than a century, the Springfield Missionary Baptist Church (SMBC) in Madison, Georgia has been very significant in the lives and hearts of many people. Throughout its existence, it has stood as a source of spiritual development through Jesus Christ.  Springfield has a very rich history that dates back to the late 1800’s.  About seven years after the Civil War ended, Springfield was organized under the leadership of Rev. W.W. West in 1872.  Brother Reuben Miller donated the land for the church.  The name, Springfield, was suggested by Sis. Edie Style.  The first deacons of Springfield were Daniel Wesley, James Pendleton, Moses Pettigrew, and James Brooks.  Given the time period in history, it is evident that it was not an easy task to organize and build a church.  However, these first organizers were strong Christians, who left a legacy of faith and trust in God, which has been passed on from generation to generation.

In 1899, Springfield was rebuilt under the leadership of the second Pastor, Rev. Randall Cost.  Springfield was rebuilt in 1917 while Rev. R.L. Sims was the Pastor.  This church building stood for 77 years, until it was destroyed by arsonist in 1994.  The longevity of the former church building is a testament to the dedication and commitment that the members put into the building and up-keeping of the church.4-Springfield

In the early hours of the morning on July 21, 1994, the church building was destroyed by fire.  The Pastor and congregation prayed and immediately began making plans for a new church.  Shortly thereafter a building committee was formed, and the groundbreaking ceremony was held on October 5, 1994.  The prayerful determination of the congregation resulted in the completion of the current building on October 2, 1995.

Many years have passed since Rev. W.W. West and all of the dedicated members first erected Springfield.  Throughout all of the difficult and trying times, the members of Springfield always maintained faith that God would protect and provide for them.  Springfield has had numerous men and women to give service to the Lord in one capacity or another.  There have been dedicated choir members, ushers, mothers, deacons, and ministers who have devoted their gifts and services to the Lord.  Because of the great number of dedicated members, Springfield continues to grow and prosper.

Springfield has been blessed to have ten inspirational and powerful leaders to serve as former Pastors.  They were W.W. West, Randall Cost, R.L. Sims, G.L. Allen, Mitchell Tate, A.J. Brown, R.G. Cash, L.H. Stinson, J.M. Clark, and W.J. Reid.

Fifteen ministers of the Gospel have been ordained at Springfield.  They are R.G. Cash, R.M. Lane, N. Mathis, Eddie Boswell, Jimmy L. Smith, Alfonza Peters, Terry Dorsey, Fred Perriman, Frankie Williams, Tracy Franklin, Bennie Scarebrook, Lillian Johnson, Carlton Canteen, Kenneth Reid, and Bernard Hamp. Minister Lewis Reid is awaiting ordination. Evangelist Denise Reid was added to Springfield’s ministry under the leadership of Pastor W.J. Reid.

Numerous deacons have also served at Springfield.  They are Daniel Wesley, James Pendleton, Moses Pettigrew, James Brooks, Elijah Johnson, Bolden Rollen, A.J. Collier, Sr., W. Watkins, Julius Johnson, Henry Tate, Charlie Davis, Willie Dennis, Richard Dennis, I.V. Dennis, L.A. Bolden, F.W. Jackson, C.L. Davis, Charles Thomas, Morgan Mills, Charlie Allen, C.L. Boswell, Sr., L. Jefferson, Atcus Martin, Lovie Stephens, Sr., Resby White, Billy Wilson, Berry Johnson, John H. Boswell, Oscar Crawford, Sr., Eugene Collier, Otis Boswell, Sr., Fred Johnson, Sr., Charlie Mathis, Jr., Rufus Benford, Sr., Milledge Gordon, Sr., Calvin Boswell, Sr., Robert Jefferson, Fred Perriman, Alfonza Peters, Milledge Gordon, Jr., Leon Stephens, William Wyatt, Sr., Danny Gordon, George Coats, Barry Franklin, Roderick Franklin, W.C. Franklin, Sr., Joe W. Gordon, Sr., Jeffrey Pettigrew, Sr., Moses Butts, Jr., Busher Franklin, David Kitchens, Stetson Birston, and Robert Tolbert.

Deacon Barry Franklin currently serves as Chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry.  He is very dedicated, dependable, and a faithful deacon.  He is always encouraging and helping fellow church members.  Mother Lillie Johnson served as clerk/secretary for fifty years.  We want to recognize her for such outstanding service and thank her for her dedication and loyalty.  Since Mother Lillie’s retirement, Sister Stella Butler and Sister Denise Spencer have served as church secretary. Both women continued the record keeping of our history with dedication and determination. Currently, Sister Diane Wyatt serves as church secretary. She is presently adapting to the requirements of this position and is doing quite well.

After 55 years in the ministry and 45 years as our pastor at SMBC, Pastor W.J. Reid retired.  He preached his last sermon as our pastor on the 4th Sunday, March 25, 2012. While pastor of Springfield, Pastor W.J. Reid worked diligently to increase the congregation’s knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ.  He unselfishly worked hard to have the church grow in a spirit of unity and love.  He was instrumental in promoting and expanding the missionary work at Springfield.  The church purchased vans to transport members to service and bible study.  He successfully accomplished many of his goals including serving breakfast each Sunday, an annual picnic, Christmas dinner, the completion of additional classrooms, paving the parking area, and installing a video system to record services for homebound members. Pastor Reid had a passion for developing youth spiritually and exposing them to new opportunities through active participation in the NAACP, state religious associations, and community events and programs. He created numerous programs to achieve his vision and increase the church’s community involvement such as the spiritual dance team, Trustee Board, Layman’s Ministry, and the Women’s Warriors Ministry. Upon his retirement, Rev. W.J. Reid was named Pastor Emeritus of SMBC. We are eternally honored and grateful for the time and service he gave to Springfield.

On March 23, 2013, God blessed us with our eleventh leader and Pastor, Rev. Dr. Kenneth Jones, Sr. Pastor Jones was installed 4th Sunday, June 23, 2013. He has already shared and implemented portions of his vision. The church has made several changes in the past four months and is well on its way to becoming more structured under its new leadership. The position of church administrator has been created and is being held by Sister Denise Spencer. A church website has been created (smbcmadisonga.org). Vacation Bible School was concluded with a gospel rap group. Several ministries such as a praise team, media ministry, beautification ministry, and pastor’s aide have been created. SMBC also has a new member’s workshop held every 1st Sunday morning. Pastor Jones has also blessed the church with an official logo and new motto, “Where Everybody is Somebody”. The church is definitely on the move. SMBC welcomes the Jones family with open arms, hearts, and minds. We are in continued prayer for what God has in store for us.

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